16 March 2012


As many of you (at least two or three of you, but in the horror blog world that is a lot) know I have struggled with another blog called Necrotic Cinema with varied degrees of success. The degrees tend to hover closure to failure really for several reasons. I have been trying to correct that for a while and recently decided to take a huge step and move the blog from the Blogger account it was hosted on to this, with The Uranium Cafe and the  as yet to be revealed Project Terror site. That is in the future and more info on that as it develops. A couple problems I had not seem like was simply logging in and out of that account all of the time, when this is my primary account. Does not seem like that would matter but it does really. Another is that that account had some products shut down by Google, in particular my Picasa Pictures and my Youtube account. Guess that could happen again here too if I am not careful but I am going to try and be a good boy now. 

Necrotic Cinema is my modern horror movie blog, with focus on films made after 1990 but with slasher style films from the 1980's showing up there as well. The 80's is the period where films clearly shift from Uranium Cafe type posts to Necrotic Cinema posts, but there is some blurring of the lines of course. But shyte, who the hell even cares. The real issue here is to get the blog up here at this account (it is now) and get on with some films reviews. The focus there, as well, is on reviews of films and eventually some essays on horror films and culture. No comic books or music there, though I want to try and launch a podcast cast from there (one successful test podcast so far). I watch a lot of newer horror films and I am not some guy stuck in the past with b/w giant insect movies. I watch lots of mainstream films as well but doubt I will ever do a mainstream blog as it would take my time and energy away from these two projects, which I neglect all too often as it is.

If you would, be so kind as to check out NECROTIC CINEMA for my slightly different approach to horror movies reviews.


Danièle said...

Thumbs up!

Bill D. Courtney said...

Thanks Daniele. Not much posting lately, but doing a lot of the ol' "behind the scenes" work. Launched a whole new blog earlier today, but having some issues with my Blogger connection. Some java crap. Will get it sorted out later and thanks for your kind support as always :)

occhio sulle espressioni said...

I've discovered it in these days!

Nekoneko said...

Ooohh! I'll have to update my links.

Hope things work out better for you with the new digs... moving always comes with it's hassles. My lil' Blog is still missing stuff after my last move.

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