03 February 2012


I enjoyed uploading and storing stuff at my Rapidshare account and had a a lot of stuff set to go up there and then share here. The issue though of file sharing in any form has gotten pretty nasty here of late and it came to my attention that Google could ban my site and cancel my account for posting links to file sharing services like RS. So, for now those days are over and where you would have seen a link to a Rapidshare file before you will now see this notice:
I am very concerned about the recent crack downs on the net with file sharing services and have learned that Google could easily ban my site and cancel my account for providing upload links to places like Rapidshare. Google is now monitoring it sites more closely I read and I do not want my site taken down for providing upload links.  I did not think it was a big deal to do this but it seems like it can be. After the seizure today (2 Feb 2012) by the FBI of data at places like Megaupload I have decided to remove all Rapidshare links from my blog. Very sorry about any inconveniences this may cause. 

I will try to figure out a way to share links but if and when I do it will not be on this site or this Google account, nor even at Blogger. I may set up a Wordpress site for something  like this. I actually have a  sort of mirror version of The Uranium Cafe at Wordpress I did as an experiment and all back RS links are there and active, though you would have to search them out until I can think of something else like a sidebar banner with link. But for now, here at Blogger, I will just get on with blogging -as I am sorely behind on several posts in the draft folder- and not worry too much about it, though I hope all of this mess does not get too out of hand. Living in China I have come to rely on places like Rapidshare for things I would not be able to see or hear otherwise. Lets wait and see.


G said...

I've been looking at wordpress as well...it seems a bit more flexible....and less 'big brother is watching'

Ghidorah said...

They are destroying the Internet!!!

Chuck Wells said...

No, no, no! They aren't destroying anything. "They" are just pulling a Disney, and squeezing everyone else out of the very playground that "they" themselves want to strip mine for massive profits. How this inconveniences everyone else is irrelevant, and who the hell are we to question the elitists?

Bill D. Courtney said...

G, Ghidorah and Chuck

Yea, it is the end of the world as we know it. I am bummed out with what Google is doing with Youtube as well, with soon to be universal and ghastly looking channel design that is designed to support advertising I supposed as it does not support anything in an attractive and useful manner.

And so many once cool sites are falling onto the "make some money off your blog" and posting Amazon ads and Adsense crap all over. Does anybody even make $10 a year doing this?

Like you said Chuck, we are the disgruntled masses and who cares about our views. This apparent over at Youtube. Achill wind is blowing methinks, a chill wind indeed :(

The Austin Homework Fairy said...

I'm with Chuck.

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