10 January 2012


With the publishing of my last post on Star 80 The Uranium Café at Blogger reaches a significant point; all my posts from my old blog address have now been posted (with a couple odds and sods still in the draft folder, but all major posts have been caught up). It took much longer than I had hoped it would and I suppose there are reasons for that, not the least being that I have reached a place where I just not as passionate about blogging as I was a couple years ago. I most definitely will continue blogging both here are at Necrotic Cinema (my modern horror movie) but I guess some zeal has gone out of me. But that may come back. The truth is the last year has been a trying time for me in my personal life and blogging simply became peripheral to trying to sort out serious problems with my life, both in terms of living in China and spiritually as well, but that is all I will really say about that stuff. But I took some hard blows and was on the ropes for a bit and the last thing on my mind was movie blogging.

And I will just be frank about it, I can continue blogging with an absence of comments but I do not find it much fun really. This is an issue that I have had to deal with for a long time. And not only myself of course. Many blogs I follow have few comments. It is the nature of the blogging world I suppose. The topics are a bit obscure and not very topical. I do not really write in a way that makes the reader feel involved I suppose. I am very interested in my reader’s opinions but I do not ask questions in my posts or do things that generate possible interactions, like “top ten” lists or polls. But I will most likely not change that, so I have to accept things. But I can’t help but feel frustration. Here is a listing my top five posts with total numbers of page views:

Jun 22, 2011, 2 comments 3,256 Pageviews

Jun 13, 2011 2,911 Pageviews

Jul 21, 2011, 4 comments 1,416 Pageviews

Oct 5, 2011 1,078 Pageviews

Sep 21, 2011  1,015 Pageviews

Of course a certain percentage of that is referrer spam, but I tend have that controlled here pretty well, so the numbers are fairly accurate. There are about eight or nine thousand page views here and yet only three comments (I excluded my replies). But (now my bitter side comes out) I visited a site the other day that just did one of those “top ten” horror films of 2011. A picture from the film with three or four sentences under them and there were (then) 18 comments. And the person running the blog had yet to even reply to anybody. I simply decided to give up expecting comments and interaction. I will continue to work but I am a loss for this phenomenon. But the comments I do get are great and often they add to the information to the post, so thanks a million to those commenters I have had and hope to continue to have.

Lots of great stuff on the back burner but I will get it out now when I do. Basically when I feel like it. I do not care about numbers and traffic any longer as well. I will continue to do the type of posting I have been doing and yet I am going to take it easy too. I need to study my Chinese more and I have some music and video projects I want to get into as well. And while the tone of this post may sound negative I just want to say that The Uranium Café will be bringing you lots of new goodies in the year to come. My next project is to catch up my A to Z list and then on to more posts on the obscure and yet wonderful films (and music and comic books) I have been pandering here for quite some time, and still with no goofy looking Amazon or Google Adsense crap at the bottom of the post. Never had that junk and never will. The Uranium Café is still a blog with a credo. And who needs comments when you have a code, right?


David said...

You're the best, Willie. The comment function does not always work well and I have written several that will not post. I appreciate your work and also the Chinese perspective (side note: your grammar and sentence structure are slipping a little). I hope you will continue to provide us your insights --

Bill D. Courtney said...


Really, comments do go through sometimes? I will check into that but not sure what I can do. Also not sure what I can do about maintaining perfect grammar and sentence structure. Some of these recent posts I have even just typed up directly into the edit window, not in a Word Document first. Will be errors for sure, but I am also just concerned about getting stuff out even if the post is not perfect. But thanks for the insight. Probably need to work more in the day when I am drinking coffee and not so late at night, like now.

David said...

I meant no offense about the sentence structure and probably should not have mentioned it, since now I look like a grammar nazi. I think it is rather charming and is more an indication of your being in a place where English is not your primary language. 99.9 % of everything you write would be acceptable as work for an English degree. We good? :P

Nekoneko said...

Don't get too disappointed Bill, I experience much the same thing, statistics-wise over at my Blog too. Lots of traffic... very few comments... lots of Spam. Just seems to be the way it goes.

Stick with it!! Blog because you like it... not because others say different and have fun with it...don't let it become a chore. There are those of us out here who read you (even if we are guilty of not chiming in perhaps as often as we should...) ;)

Bill D. Courtney said...


No offense taken and you did not present yourself as a grammar nazi at all. At least I do not fill my sentences with an ellipsis (...) every other phrase. I would, in my defense, say that my odd sentences (and they do get convoluted) is more from hurrying through things and then not rereading my own posts. I tend to get it up and then move on and sometimes later I will read over something only to find all these weird errors that spell checks don't pick up on. The classic being something like the word 'form' being used instead of 'from'.

Another deal is these posts I am putting up are actually from rough drafts of my old blog. My old site was taken down by my hosting for service for "generating spam", though it was really their problem in that they could not prevent a hacker from breaching their weak security measures and getting into my FTP account over and over. So, when I had to redo the site here at Blogger all I had were my original uncorrected text files to use. It almost became too much of a task to redo the individual posts all over one by one. There was already a lot rewriting being done for various reasons (for example, the chronological sequence of the posts were not the same, so I had to find and remove references to a "previous" post that either no longer existed or had not been put up to the new site yet, creating an orphaned dialog feel) and I just wanted to get the text and images up and move on.

And on another note, yes my English has changed from living in China for so long now and speaking to mostly Chinese people with bad English. I use the term "so so" more than I ever did before for one thing.

I have a China life blog if you are curious (though I hardly update it) at:

No offense taken and I am aware of my manic driven errors but I am too lazy to go back and correct them all. I need a proof reader maybe.

As they say in China
没问题 mei wen ti (no big deal, no problem)

Bill D. Courtney said...


Yea, I let that comment deal get to me too much. I am guilty of the same thing. I drift over to your site and check out what weird Indonesian film you are promoting and then leave without saying anything to you as well. When I think about it it is a bit selfish on my part. If I left a comment on every posts I read I would never have time to do my own blog.

I think my real beef is not that I don't get a lot of comments, but I cannot understand why other sites do. Some sites I can, they are well written and the comments area become more like a forum with debates and information exchanges. But some other sites seem just silly at best and yet rake in the comments. But in the end I will continue to write even if I get no comments. I obviously have traffic and my spam is pretty low recently (for a while I was getting too much referrer spam, and it makes the traffic look nice but it is nothing but robots) so my visitor numbers are about 90% accurate and they are high enough to let me know I have an audience and that is what really counts.

Imagine if we only had one visitor each day and they never left a comment? Damn.

See you cat girl


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