17 December 2011


 I was looking through some old folders and found this banner I had made back when I was thinking about the direction to take my blog. There is actually a URL out there I think with one or two posts when I was not sure what to do. I was going to call the site Project Terror after an old late night TV show I grew up on in San Antonio Texas. if not for Project Terror there may well have never been planted the seed that grew into my fascination with horror and sci-fi and all around generally strange cinema. Sometimes I regret not taking that title but in the end I really did not want the site to only about horror and felt The Uranium Cafe also had a sort of retro vibe about it that Project Terror really did not. A little maybe. But anyway, here is the banner I  had designed and I think it looks pretty cool really.


Danièle said...

IYou made the right choice horror is too mainstream nowadays. I like the day-glo feel of Uranium better, it has this The Invaders" feel to it.

Bill D. Courtney said...

High compliment! Was going to download the Invaders once I cleaned up some more space on the overworked hard-drive here.

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I just want to thank my biggest fan, Anonymous, for all his vague and generic comments. Thanks bro.