17 December 2011


I have literally thousands of old poster scans and a good collection as well as old VHS covers on my hard-drive. I think it is time to start sharing those with the readers. No real comment here other than I love old movie posters and in particular old horror/sci-fi and exploitation posters. Can't say I have seen all of these movies or that I ever will. In many cases the posters fro some of these old film were more thrilling than the movie itself. More coming soon as will be some of my VHS covers which look really great.


Danièle said...

Great, love them :-)

Bill D. Courtney said...

Thanks. Many more to come, along with old comic book covers and maybe album covers.Sort of running out of steam with writing so falling back now and then with some "eye candy" posts. Maybe some ear candy too as I have some plans for posting more soundtrack samples soon as well. As always thanks for your kind support ;)

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