01 November 2011


This is an update on what is up, and not up, here at The Uranium Café. Lately had a major problem with the site when I was screwing around with some HTML code at near midnight. I had luckily saved a copy of template but it was from last July and so some things are not quite the same though that may not be obvious to readers. Something happened to my permalinks settings and for a few days my posts were not appearing on Google and all my posts in Google reader were only from last July. I had to re-subscribe in Reader and I have been tweaking things the best I can and my traffic seems to be back to almost normal. Problem seems to be, for now, that newer post links are not appearing on Google as direct links but rather as the blog in general. This could be related to some HTML stuff I had done related to meta-tags and keyword searching. Hopefully I can fix this but traffic seems okay again and so maybe I can relax. I just want the stuff to get out there and have people see it. Not the end of the known Universe I guess one way or the other. I just seem to have sort of untreatable neurosis about these little things. (That problem seems to have been corrected now, after about three days of nerve-racking effort.)

I recently had some one comment on the site and said that they actually did not follow my blog as they do not tend to follow horror blogs. I thought about this for a bit and I came to the conclusion that while, yes, The Uranium Café would more likely be classified as a horror genre blog I do not think that the site is only a horror blog. And if it were I would not find that some thing nasty or bad. I have posted on westerns like Vera Cruz (more westerns coming too), spy adventures like Ice Station Zebra, dramas like Romper Stomper and comedies like The Nutty Professor (more Jerry Lewis coming soon). I also do comic book posts and music posts. Some of my music posts with Rapidshare links are still my most popular posts. The horror movies I gravitate towards here are, for the most part, cheesy “cult” classics. I am not sure how I feel about the term “cult” movie and it is debatable as to what is and what is not a real cult movie, but I think the term generates enough of a collective impression of what a cult movie is and many of the movies here fall into that nebulous category.

I love horror films (and often love to hate them) and I run the overly neglected Necrotic Cinema as well. That site is primarily only a horror movie site and focusing on horror movies made after, lets say, the influence of films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday the 13th. Most movies reviewed there would have been made after 1980 and on into the present. I always have some plans to get that site and its traffic up and going but I find I put most of my bogging energy into this site and have little left over to give to Necrotic. I will see what I can do for that site. I certainly watch enough newer stuff to have material to draw from. But I am more and more getting a feeling of just not enjoying sitting here for hours a day and doing this all this. There is really little tangible reward for all the hours spent here at the computer. Not that I can measure anyway. But I do have a passion for these films and writing my opinions about them. There is a difference between the tones of The Uranium Café and Necrotic Cinema and that the reviews at TUC are a bit gentler and pandering while they can often be scathing over at NC. Why that is I will have to reflect on. One reason may simply be that I enjoy these older cheesy flicks more. I do like newer horror and sci-fi, but I notice I prefer the big budget stuff if it newer. The super low budget straight to video/DVD horror films just do nothing for me, while an old crappy film like The Creeping Terror strikes a chord somewhere in me. Also, I tend to have a different voice here and am not some bitter sounding and that may simply two blog personas and I am trying to keep them distinct is all. I seldom use profanity here in my reviews while at NC I pepper the reviews up a few more colorful expressions since those fucking movies deserve them sometimes.

And what is the term Uranium Café? Where did it come from and why did I choose it? I was driving through New Mexico on of my wayward adventures way back in 1993 and I have no clue where I was but I saw an advertisement for an eatery called The Uranium Café (never sure whether I am to capitalize the indefinite article there but I do just to be safe). I am sure I was near Gallup when I saw it and later I would read that the joint was so named because of the atomic/nuclear experiments conducted at Los Alamos, somewhere out there in all that desert. I did not get not go there and eat anything and there were rumors it had shut down but I recently read that The Uranium Café in Grants NM is still open for business. When I originally decided to make a blog over at My Opera it was not going to be just a movie blog but a retro culture blog. That blog is still on the net actually but I forgot my username and/or password. The site quickly started to gear towards films more and more and away from retro culture. But when I was trying to think of a name The Uranium Café was the first term that came to mind. It just seemed like the phrase covered everything I deem cool about America, from cheezy films and groovy music to roadside cheeseburgers and atom bombs.

So what drives me at this site and so why it is updated more than Necrotic Cinema is something more than just horror films and horror culture. It is my humble attempt at saying thanks, primarily, to the good ol’ USA for being the nation that made King Kong, Frankenstein and Dirty Harry, and giving us The Big Mac, Twinkies, Bettie Page, William S. Burroughs and Al Adamson. Thanks America.


Nekoneko said...

Hmmmm? You tend to be somewhat ecclectic here at Uranium Cafe. I certainly see this place as more a "cult" movie site than just horror. I'm thinking that it's simply that more weird horror gets classified as "cult" than other genres, so they tend to get noticed more.

Sorry to hear about the site problems... I know how they can really gum things up just when you think you have them fixed... WHAMM!! Right back at you with some goofy problem that just makes you wanna shake your head and scream. Just hang in there! ;)

Bill D. Courtney said...

Wow, Nekoneko, so glad to see you have not forsaken me at the new site. Glad you dropped by. I was just at your site yesterday I think. It has become a great site for "foreign" horror movies. I quote "foreign" as I live in China and so technically here Hollywood is foreign stuff.

In fact I have sort of forsaken many sites I used to visit and need to do something about that. Or I should say my old routine. I used to sit with coffee and go through updated blogs in my blogroll and see what was going on and lately I don't do that as much. some of that is just trying to spend less time online. I need to start studying my Chinese again, I am really bad. Also, after the disaster at my old URL I found blogs to be fickle affairs and do not want to invest too much time and energy into something that can get hacked or removed by hosting services. So far I am pretty happy here at Blogger, which is blocked in China and so I maintain it over proxies. How fickle do you want?

I will drop by again and see what is up there when the coffee is done brewing.


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