01 November 2011


I got hooked on Bettie Page back when everybody still thought her name was spelled Betty. I am pretty sure it was due to the Betty character in Dave Steven's Rocketeer comic book that I begin investigating who this person was. I was soon snagging up any and everything my limited budget allowed me to appropriate. The fascination waned a bit over time of course but I still find myself from time to time looking to see if there are any new images online. I have seen most of these in this first selection of Bettie images -there will be more in the future- but there are some new ones here and the quality is pretty good. Most of these, I am assuming, are from sessions either with Irvin Klaw or Bunny Yeager. The pair were responsible for taking the most memorable images of the Queen of Curves in my humble and usually ill-informed opinion. The focus on this first collection -and more to come- is on what many Bettiephiles may call the "Bad Bettie". There are two Betties as we know. The good Bettie, the cute cheesecake girl who looks like she hasn't been kissed yet, and the bad Bettie who looks like she has dabbled in things a bit darker and freaky than just kissing. Some good Bettie fans have made the claim that Bettie just did these images as part of her job but she herself never would have engaged in such sordid proclivities. Lets hope that that is not true. There is simply something about seeing the sweet little Queen of Curves all trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey or spanking another naughty model that guys and gals just seem to love. If it were just for the camera then it seems that something essential has been cruelly subtracted from the world. Look, she later had to deal with mental illness, being a Born Again Christian and kicking the crap out her landlords, so why think it unreasonable to entertain the idea that little Ms. Page actually enjoyed paddling her friends. For some reason I can sleep better at night knowing that.

Some slick drawings by Olivia Berardinis at Golden Age Comic Book Stories here


Bettie with Irving Klaw
Bettie with Bunny Yeager

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I love this webpage!
Thankyou for showing so many good quality images of betty

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