14 October 2011


A new category here. I have thousands of screen captures I have made and figure I will share a few of them once in a while in a post that focuses on captures only. Minimal writing involved. many of the captures were made to accompany video files I have uploaded to bittorrent sites like Cinemageddon or The Horror Charnel. I make dozens and dozens of captures and may only use eight or ten for the file presentation. Meaning I have more left over than I know what to do with. Many posts here feature original screen captures, though not all. So I want to go back and supply some images to posts that did not get original video captures the first time around or just for a movie that needs one. the first film for this new category will be Tarzan and His Mate, given a less than hearty review here a few posts back. Expect a better review one day, but for now please enjoy some of these video captures from one of the best Tarzan films of all time.


Chuck Wells said...

Maureen was far and away the best onscreen "Jane" and a personal favorite of mine.

Bill D. Courtney said...

I can hardly imagine another Jane, other than Brenda Joyce, than lovely Maureen. I forget who played her in the films with Lex Barker (did you ever noticed he wore kung fu style house shoes in the jungle) but it seems like after her the Jane character vanished from the films in the late 50's and onward (the ones with Gordon Scott and Jock Mahoney). She seemed to return (I am not an expert) with the Bo Derek film, but Maureen is still queen.

Retro Hound said...

Love these! This film is pretty blatant about the sex.

Bill D. Courtney said...

yea, sex and violence. Really ahead of its time in those departments. Tarzan and Jane's romance almost became Platonist after the heat this film generated at the time.

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