06 September 2011


I noticed the other day that my little stat counter deal showed I had passed 50,000 page views and I guess that is not too bad for a blog that has had a little over three months of actual work put into it. The site was put up back in May when I felt the winds of change blowing in regards to my old hosted blog and I had reservations about moving to Blogger -only because Blogger is blocked here in China- but now am fully satisfied with the Blogger experience. I realize that I can continue with the blog here and if something happens, as in not being able to connect through my VPN, then the blog will be there until I can get back to it. At the hosted service the blog vanished without any notice –will not get into that again- and so there is no security there either, plus I had to pay money to maintain the site there. At first there were some issues with Blogger (and still are a few) I did not have with Wordpress but with a little work you can over come those. I even figured out how to do some SEO and Meta Tag tweaking in Blogger than helps to get my site out there in the Google search engines easier. Not easy to do and you have to fool around in your HTML but my traffic is pretty good most days and posts already are showing up on the 1st page of Google. Hopefully someday somebody will create an easy to use SEO Blogger gadget, as well as a gadget for tweaking permalinks. You just need those things to increase the chances of your posts being found in searches.

But like with my old site I have come to realize that I am not the type of writer/blogger that inspires people to leave comments. I do get a few and I appreciate them, but I accept now that I will never have that robust interaction like I wanted to have with the readers. A couple posts have gotten about a 1000 hits each and yet neither have a single comment. Yet I check out other blogs looking for new movies or inspiration and can get really depressed to see someone post a few sentences about a recent movie with a single photo and then have ten or twelve comments crop up around it. I admit my fault in this as well. I do not address my audience in the way it says to in order to inspire comments. I guess I sound aloof in many of my posts but I just want to write about the film and garner some discussion around it, or get new information or trivia I missed or get corrected on information I was mistaken about. Also the subject matter is very eclectic and not very topical. Lot of blogs right now dealing with posts on remakes –like The Thing remake, which I have an opinion on actually- or doing myriad Top Ten posts, and while I like all that to read I am not the type to do those sort of posts here. My other site Necrotic Cinema deals with more recent horror films but I do not update it enough really. It is not easy doing two blogs I have come to find out. But even there my attempts at topical posts -like the pros and cons of CGI effects in new horror films- mostly go nowhere and so I tend to just do what I want to do. I still try to leave a good comment here and there at sites and will not let the absence of comments here embitter me. Everyone is welcome here whether you leave a comment or not. I teach English in China and so know the feeling of having students come to an English class and never speak a word of English. But they keep coming back, so I can deal with it.

I am considering have guest posters here to try and cover more old movies. I have decided not to try and guest post anywhere else as my attempts at doing so turned out all negatively.  I felt I was even treated a bit rudely in a couple cases and so forget that. In the end people we are all just running movie blogs of one sort or another and competing to be the tallest midget in the circus. No need to be so serious about it. Our private lives can get in the way sometimes with work and health and life traumas that I tend to not discuss online. But I have had my share this year. I can’t fulfill a commitment to doing a movie review when I have a life issue that is eating me away day by day. And in regards a couple people –I will name no one as I still follow these blogs and like the output there- I had gotten in contact with a return email –even a refusal or change of heart- is the polite and professional way to go. All that being said, I am considering opening up the site to guest posts in the way that Nate Yapp does sow ell over at Classic Horror. I would be pretty lax in requirements and editing really. Mostly impartial, information laden reviews on most film between 1940 and 1980 with no profanity would be accepted. Would not be looking for films to be panned harshly. But we will see where that goes and anyone reading this who want to contribute can reach me here in the form of a comment or  at:


I will get back and not ignore anybody. If I do it is simply because I have not checked my email yet. I will advertise at FB maybe and if no one is game that is cool too. But there are too many movies for me to cover and I want to have more of these forgotten films covered. Multiple reviews/articles of the same film are okay. We can see where it goes if anywhere.

As well I am back to work and it has been a stressful year for me in China with work and visas issues. China has become my home and yet I live here, basically, year to year with no guarantees as to what may happen next year. I have a wife and an apartment here and yet I deal with a stress only ex-pats can identify with. By ex-pat I do not mean a student studying abroad for a year or two or someone on a long holiday. I mean someone who has forsaken their own culture and lives in  basically an alien and sometimes hostile environment of their own choice. Easy to do if you feel more like a foreigner in your own culture of course.  And I cannot even speak Chinese other than a crude survival level. It sometimes has that Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn feel to it all. But that is the bed I made for better and for worse. The blog is up and running smoothly these days and I am grateful for that. Thanks for the visits and even if no one leaves a comment I know from my stats you’re out there in festering little swarms and that is all I can ask for.


Dr Blood said...

I know just what you mean about the ex-pat stuff and I'm a Brit in America!

The comments thing is nothing. I've seen exactly the same things going on with little cliques who post on everything that someone writes to get a comment back. Then the blogger posts their replies and it looks like dozens of comments. Just halve it and you get the real number. It's all about page views anyway.

You can guest post on my blog any time if you want to. Usually nobody reads my stuff except to argue anyway. :)

Bill D. Courtney said...

Yea, I gotcha. And I ave had a few people hit me with some real short comments and then say "be sure to come by my site and leave a comment now." I mean I probably would have but now I feel sort of like I am part of some weird useless comment club, just trying to get a bunch of comments no matter how worthless. truth is I can't comment on every blog post I read. I would be here forever. Other people are the same.

Yea, the ex-pat Brit in the US may not be as extreme as a Brit or Yank in China, but you get the gist of it. Your an outsider essentially. You probably don't stand out as bad there and can still get some food close enough to the type you grew up to "compromise" but I bet there are some foods you miss.

Yea, I am thinking this guest post thing over. You are welcome to contribute here as well.I follow your updates when I see them in my blogroll and they are the types of stuff I am into as well. More in line with my necrotic Cinema blog. Lets see what happens. I need to update that blog more too.Thanks fellow ex-pat.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I get comments every once in awhile but it's not too common an occurrence for me either. But honestly, I never expected much with my blog. I know it needs a lot of work on the presentation. I haven't had much time to tinker around with the coding, gadgets, appearance and such. Hell, I was even proud I was able to make a banner! hehe

Anyway, this is my first visit here. This is a great site, I know I'll be back and for what it's worth, I leave comments after everything I read.

Keep up the good work!

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