11 July 2011


Seems that The Uranium Café is nestled into its little niche here at Blogger and doing well enough. Traffic is doing better than I thought it would and I learned how to do a few tweaks in the Blogger html area to help the site show up a little ore on Google. Not really easy to get all that going in Blogger but there are a few options out there for helping to generate meta-tags and all that esoteric mumbo jumbo. Also my site seems to be rocking on StumbleUpon suddenly and getting some traffic from there I did not expect. As well I am a bit shocked that my number one post so far is the super b-movie Mary Jane with Fabian with 418 page views since 2 July 2011. I just would not have expected that really. Can use the new Blogger stats area to check all that now and I will give the people more of what they want in the future. You like pot smoking 60’s teenagers? You got it. Lot of cool changes in Blogger other than just the stat area and while it may take some trial and error tooling around you can get some things going in it that was not really available a couple years ago. The new themes are noteworthy as well and I use the Traveler theme. Really flexible and nice looking.

The podcast is back and working. Need to give it some direction but the main thing is I have it up and going. Using audio hosting through the Internet Archive and am very happy with the service there. Able to do some audio samples as well such as dialog samples from films and maybe song samples as well to accompany posts with Rapishare links to albums I will be sharing in the future. Expect more books (such as the Blazing Combat collection I shared in a previous post) from my Rapidshare account as well in the future. Also back is the Matinee and I think I have four movies there already. As well using the Internet Archive to host those films from my collection. Just put up The Flesh Eaters and uploading the Eddie Romero film Mad Doctor of Blood Island as I write this. All great stuff and free to view and download.

In short just nice to be back blogging and getting stuff back up. Still in the process of moving my old posts up to the new site. That is why if you check my archives it shows a surge of manic activity. These current posts were all backed up on my hard drive and I have to manually repost them one at a time and reupload the images and get all that sorted out. But some new material coming soon as well. Only complaint, and one I have had from the beginning of my so called blogging career is a lack of comments. My Mary Jane gets 418 page views yet not one single comment. But that I something I have come to accept really. If you want to comment that is great, if you don’t well enjoy the visit and I hope you learnesomething you can use on Jeopardy someday.

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