18 July 2011


A brief mention here about this remarkably odd movie called Colossus and the Amazon Queen (La Regina delle Amazzoni) directed by Vittorio Sala who also co-wrote the script with six other writers. If you brave this piece of cheese you may wonder why it took a total of seven men to scramble this story up. The gist of the story is about a couple heroes named Pirro (Rod Taylor from The Birds) and Glauco (body builder Ed Fury) who wind up being tricked to becoming house boys  on the island of the Amazons. The woman of the island is populated  by the said Amazon Queen herself (Gianna Maria Canale) and her bevy of beauties (Dorian Gray and Daniela Rocca among them) who are supplied by rogues with unwitting men who become effeminate acting house slaves. Clashes develop between some of the gals over who will be queen and who get what man, especially hunky Glauco whose presence has set the cold Amazon hearts all a flutter. The usually macho acting Rod Taylor has one the strangest roles of his careers here as he plays the prissy acting brains of the duo. His voice is dubbed by another English speaking actor who makes him sound like a real sissy boy.

Now this movie is really so bad it took me three settings to finish it. I was watching the much better peplum film The Minotaur at the same time. While some of the cheese is fun I just had to take a break from it eventually. I am assuming the film is a deliberate comedy and in that respect is an oddity among pepla. The Amazons are sexy enough in that robust Italian fashion. The film has certainly one of the strangest dance sequences ever to grace a pepla. The choreography and music almost seem like they belong in a West Side Story inspired juvenile delinquent film. A couple Amazons even engage in a Medieval style jousting match. Strange since the story is suppose to take place at the time of the Battle of Troy and over a thousand years separate the film's bout and the earliest recorded jousting matches in Western Europe. Well, if you are curious the film is available on all over the net. I think if you just give the credits a go and the first few minutes of the film you will that this is one odd ball of a film. Not for any one with discerning taste. But if you had discerning taste in the first place why the heck would you be here right?


Shaun [The Celluloid Highway] said...

Hi there :-)

I'm really liking your site sir! I'm looking forward too exploring it over the coming days. Thanks for following and supporting mine.

Bill D. Courtney said...

Sure, your site is great. What caught my eyes was the Roger Dean art for yes's Relayer on your Facebook badge. That was a great album with a great cover. I saw the Relayer tour in Louisville Ky actually.

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