06 June 2011


Well I guess it is safe to say I have successfully relaunched The Uranium Cafe (never know if I supposed to capitalize the indefinite article there or not) after the debacle I had at my hosted account. I like the new Blogger compared to a couple years ago and I will not miss all the FTP and hacker issues I was having before. I will not go into that and you can read a short tirade on it over at Necrotic Cinema if you like. Nothing exciting however. Some general info is in line here however. I am moving my posts over one at a time from my hard drive to here. These posts are actually not the finalized posts that appeared on my old site after I had made final editings after the posts was published. There is no doubt that they are riddled with typos and information that needs some changing, but I am just getting the posts up with all their flaws for now and I can edit them later if I want to. Right now not in the mind set to re-read all those posts and update them. 

I am debating how to handle the new site and how much emphasis, for example, to put into things like music or comic books. If any. The deal here is some of my music posts got the most hits and comments on the old site. I have, for now anyway, solved the problem of free audio file hosting and have unlimited storage and bandwidth through a "secret" place. I am using the Google Reader player to play back my audio uploads. What this means too is I can get back to my podcast idea. Simply have to have audio storage to do all that. Also not sure how much of the new site will be devoted to comic books. But my feelings on that may change. Right now I am not very excited about the idea but I am no doubt still a bit pessimistic after having my old site hacked to death then removed from the Internet by my spineless hosting service. Oh yea, I am not going to talk about that.

As far as movies go I am going to slightly fine tune the new site but not by too much. The emphasis will still be on obscure cinema and their makers.  But there will some films that will be well known though still basically of the "cult film" variety, only some cult films are a little more successful than others. There will still be thumbnail galleries and trailers to add some visual quality to the posts. In most ways the site will be about the same. I am even using the same general color scheme for my backgrounds and fonts so readers can still have that warm, cozy sensation they used to get.

It is unlikely I will get back the traffic numbers I had before and I guess that is okay. Well not really but can I do, right? I did find that having one's labor of love project suddenly die off creates a barely noticeable trickle on the net than the tsunami I felt. I think 3 or 4 regular readers sent regrets and I thank them. very kind of you. The rest of you soulless bastards can burn in Hell! Nah, just kidding. No big deal. In the end it is just another horror/cult movie blog and the best any of us can hope for is to the be the tallest midget in the circus and not take it too seriously. I have a lot of work ahead of me to just move the old material over here and it may be some time before I get up any new stuff, like my essay on Eddie Romero I am researching now. But there will be new stuff. I am not posting things in the chronological order they originally appeared in on the old site and I am definitely taking the whole affair more lightly than before. In the end I am updating the new site on Blogger, which is blocked here in China. Things depend on my VPN working as well as the connection quality of my ISP, which usually sucks. Reality is this site may go down too someday if my connection is too slow to update from over the VPN service. But I will continue, until my last breath, to get up quality posts on great and unknown classic B-movies and trash cinema. It is more than my hobby. It is my mission in life.

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Thanks Michael, and continue your good work over at WIWLN :)

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