11 March 2011


This is not really the end of my hosted site for the time being  (I hope) but I am going to monkey around here with the idea of The Uranium Cafe existing at Blogger. There are many reasons for this and many reasons why it has never happened before. I am not anti-Blogger but the service is blocked in China where I live and hence the very reason The Uranium Cafe wound up at a hosted service in the first place. I am sort of tired of continuous security issues and site problems at the hosted service. My tech support there is fabulous and that is not the issue. Other providers can be much less professional and concerned and yet more expensive than maiahost.com.

This is just something I have to make some sort of decision about eventually I guess and the best thing to do for now is to begin moving posts over one at a time when I am up to it. There will have to compromises in terms of reducing my images and what to do with audio files and all of that and I am not going to worry about all of that right now. It is going to be enough work to get the thing going and then try to create some traffic around it. It is not going to happen by tomorrow or next week or even in the next few months.
UPDATE 15 May 11: The old Uranium Cafe is gone and my god-awful hosting service -that I spoke kindly of above- will not even do a redirect for me. Said they would but it has not happened and so the reality is I am here now and must begin the site over from scratch. No time to waste crying over spilt milk. Just need to decide how to do the new site and then just do it.

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