23 February 2012


When I ran The Uranium Cafe over at my old and now defunct URL one of my more popular categories was my Girls with Guns. I am now reviving that category here and will try to be a bit selective with the images I post, as I usually am anyway. There is no shortage of girls and guns on the net but a lot of it simply is not really what I am into here. Does not mean those images are not cool or enticing, but they do have the kernel of uranium needed to make it here. They are typically cheap, and exploitative and sometimes simply degrading to women. Okay, not much different than what I am posting here, but some of mine are in black and white! Expect more as I have tons of this stuff. As always, enjoy.


G said...

There is something undefinably sexy about a woman with a gun

Alex Jowski said...

These girls are sexier than Suicide Girls. My favorite of these pictures is the cute schoolgirl at the very top - where is that from?

Bill D. Courtney said...

G and Alex

No arguing about (or with) women with guns. I am not sure what film that first picture is from but it is one of my favorite. I have a huge collection of Asian girls with guns, mostly from films made in Japan and Hong Kong.You can expect more of those in the future.

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